Geidea and Fils unite to provide UAE a greener payments future 

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Geidea has announced a new strategic partnership with Fils to empower businesses of all sizes to embed climate positivity into transactions using their API. 

Geidea’s collaboration with Fils underlines its commitment to “reshaping the digital payments landscape”, whilst also signifying a step towards a more sustainable future for the wider UAE digital payments sector. 

The POS payment provider aligns with Fils’ mission to transform industries, including banking, travel, e-commerce, and fintech, towards environmental consciousness and carbon neutrality. 

Sailesh Malhotra, General Manager of the GCC, stated: “At Geidea, we are thrilled to continue leveraging our technology to contribute to impactful and tangible solutions. 

“This partnership with Fils aligns with our mission to go beyond conventional payment services, introducing a new era where sustainability is integrated into the very fabric of digital transactions.”

Fresh from being the official payment and POS provider for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28), Geidea and Fils are set to embed sustainability into every aspect of their activities. 

Merchants will now have the capability to empower customers by providing estimates of carbon emissions for specific transactions using Geidea’s payment gateways. This can be  for flights, rides, products, or shipping, customers can gain valuable insights into the carbon intensity of their actions. 

After being given an estimate of their carbon footprint, the collaboration with Fils allows customers to contribute to trusted carbon credit projects directly from any product interface. This process enables users to actively support a greener future and reduce their carbon footprint effortlessly with every transaction. 

Nameer Khan, Founder and CEO of Fils, added: “Our collaboration with Geidea is a significant step in Fils’ journey towards leading sustainable innovation in the global fintech landscape. 

“Starting from UAE this partnership will extend regionally, reinforcing our commitment to ESG values across key regions. Working with Geidea is not just about fulfilling our environmental mission; it’s a testament to Fils’ visionary technology and dedication to making every transaction a positive force for our planet. 

“Together, we are setting new standards in sustainable finance, demonstrating that progress and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.”