Volopa and Yapily join forces to deliver a “seamless” payment experience

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Credit: Wright Studio, Shutterstock

Transaction payments and expenses company, Volopa, has partnered with Yapily to harness Open Banking for its finance teams. 

The collaboration connects Volopa’s clients to their bank accounts for transfer authorisation, which allows CFO’s, FD,s and Treasurers to “effortlessly” load company wallets and fund international payments without having to leave the Volopa platform. 

Another feature of the partnership is that the integration also notifies clients when their balance drops below their preferred level and enables them to top up in a “few clicks”.

Ali Al Bajati, Head of Product at Volopa, stated: “Our partnership with Yapily marks a significant milestone in making Volopa the go-to platform for international payments and expense management. 

“Our UK clients can now load their company wallets and fund their international payments seamlessly and we are looking forward to expanding our integration with Yapily to provide further Open Banking related capabilities in the near future.

Yapily, a prominent Open Banking API provider, was involved in a partnership with Danish-based fintech company Openpay, in 2023. The deal that facilitated cross-border, peer-to-peer payments across networks. 

Stefano Paoletti, Yapily’s VP of Sales UK, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with Volopa to support the transformation of their clients’ payment experience. Yapily’s extensive open banking API connectivity and real-time bank access has significantly streamlined Volopa’s funding process, allowing for swift, secure, and direct transactions.

“It not only simplifies funding and international payments, but also demonstrates the practical and powerful impact of open banking in enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”