Shopify and Manhattan Associates to build unified commerce solution

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Global leaders Manhattan Associates and Shopify have announced a new alliance to help retailers build ‘world-class’ unified omnichannel shopping experiences.

In the partnership, Shopify’s commerce platform will be combined with Manhattan’s omnichannel order management solution, which will also include the latter’s post-purchase customer service tools, including digital self-service solutions. 

Brian Kinsella, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Manhattan, commented: “Manhattan’s focus on fast, easy, reliable and transparent shopping enables our enterprise retail customers to lower sales friction and elevate purchase confidence, which is why we’re proud to align ourselves with Shopify in our mutual endeavour to improve the digital commerce experience. 

“We’re excited about the elevated experience for consumers, and the increased revenue and margin potential for our merchants owing to the combined offering”, added Kinsella.

Nautica, the American clothing brand, and SPARC Group brand will be the first joint customer of the integration. 

Mike Dupuis, Chief Digital Officer for SPARC Group, stated: “By offering our customers the combination of Shopify’s fast and reliable commerce platform with Manhattan’s powerful order promising and post purchase offerings, we are providing them unparalleled visibility and the industry’s premier end-to-end online shopping experience.

“For SPARC, we believe the combined solution will result in improved sales, reduced shipping costs, fewer returns, and improved margins and profits overall.”

Founded in 2006, Shopify – which integrated Solana pay last year – currently powers millions of businesses worldwide and 10% of US ecommerce. Through this partnership with Manhattan, consumers will have access to more accurate product location and delivery information. 

Additionally, brands powered by Shopify will gain global visibility of inventory across their entire network, including items in transit, stores, warehouses, suppliers, and other facilities.

Bobby Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer at Shopify, concluded: “We’re thrilled about teaming up with Manhattan as it’s a major leap forward in transforming supply chain operations for enterprise commerce.

“This is a game-changer in today’s fiercely competitive landscape, and we’re excited to provide commerce solutions that will ultimately enhance unified shopping experiences for consumers.”