NCR Voyix unveils “significant” evolution of self checkout vendor

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Retail commerce vendor NCR Voyix has revealed the latest evolution of its self-checkout vendor aiming to revolutionise the retail and shopping checkout experience. 

The NCR Voyix Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution caters to the changing nature of shoppers preferences, such as payment methods, providing an “agile, modern, software-as-a-service (SaaS)” technology stack. 

The SaaS application is powered via the NCR Voyix Edge enabling retailers to manage the shopping experience more seamlessly through new features and software updates that occur quicker, providing proactive and predictive real-time insights. 

Furthermore, the newly launched solution will also enable retailers to pivot seamlessly between assisted and self-checkout lanes for cash and cashless payment options, providing future signals with bard code scanning and computer vision being installed to reduce checkout friction. 

The NCR Voyix Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution is underpinned by three key design principles of speed, intelligence and innovation, offering a set of service capabilities to help retailers transition from a brick-and-mortar, on-premises stack, to a modern SaaS operational model.

Eric Schoch, Executive Vice President of Retail at NCR Voyix, said: “The NCR Voyix team worked with more than 50 global grocery, convenience and specialty retailers to understand their checkout priorities and challenges, and their continuous feedback shaped the design of our Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution.

“By connecting the Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution to our Platform, retailers can win the in-store checkout experience with both customers and employees — and competitively position themselves for the store of the future in the rapidly evolving retail marketplace.”