WorldFirst expands e-commerce digital solutions across Asia

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

WorldFirst, a digital payment and financial service platform, has announced it is expanding its efforts in Southeast Asia providing its range of e-commerce digital finance solutions. 

Aiming to support online sellers achieve growth with secure and reliable cross-border Payments, the Ant Group-owned company will build upon its previous success in launching its services in China, Singapore and other markets. 

The suite of solutions will launch in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia towards the end of 2023 and throughout 2024, facilitating global management and growth for SMEs within those jurisdictions, as well as previous ones. 

By opening an open multi-currency world account, SMEs will be able to send cross-border payments in 42 currencies to over 200 global markets for their desired e-commerce needs. 

The world account will also provide a user-friendly platform for sellers to manage and grow operations across different countries and marketplaces through the use of sellerscan tier stores whilst customising account statements for reconciliation. 

Additionally, WorldFirst is offering a one-stop store opening service in its global voyage program. This expands across 28 partners to connect and maximise the set up time for shipping within 24 hours. 

Clara Shi, CEO of WorldFirst and Vice President of Ant Group, said: “Building on our global fintech capabilities and strong success in China, Singapore and other markets, we are confident our secure and fast cross-border payment and e-commerce enablement services can help small businesses in Southeast Asia extend their international footprint. 

WorldFirst prioritises the safety and security of client transactions with a secure fraud prevention system. It partners with banks and financial institutions to safeguard client funds, including eight Globally Systemically Important Banks.