ChatGPT customisation advances praised as ‘example of innovation’ 


OpenAI announcing significant enhancements to ChatGPT represent ‘a great example of the exciting possibilities and innovation that come with new technology’, according to Alon Yamin, co-founder and CEO of Copyleaks.

At the heart of the changes are ambitions to increase the customisation of ChatGPT – enabling users to form their own experience and create more personalised interactions. 

Yamin stated on the latest developments:  “OpenAI’s announcement regarding personalising ChatGPT is a great example of the exciting possibilities and innovation that come with new technology. 

“Yet, these more personalised GPTs, which, as OpenAI stated, can teach maths to a child and other similar tasks, reinforce the need for transparency around AI. As AI advances, so does the need for solutions that help keep the public informed about the reliability and source of the information generated from AI models.”

It follows the collaboration of leading nations, which came together to establish a shared understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by frontier AI.

The vital and landmark nature of the shared understanding was underlined after it was endorsed by the likes of Brazil, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement emphasised that the key avenue to deepening the understanding of the risks that AI could potentially hold is bringing together the key stakeholders and looking to enforce a universal approach to risk mitigation. 

It was formed at the AI Safety Summit in London, where the UK and Rishi Sunak hosted the likes of Elon Musk and Sam Altman, as the region looked to elevate itself as a leader within AI prosperity.