iDenfy integrates AML services to Viena Moneta

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

iDenfy has announced a new partnership with Viena Moneta, recognised as “One Coin” in English, integrating its AML solution to screen customers against various databases. 

The iDenfy solution will support Viena Moneta to protect itself against these databases, including sanctions lists and global watchlists, to help the currency firm identify any suspicious activities faster.

Viena Moneta integrated iDenfy’s AML screening tool into its internal IT infrastructure, CurrExchanger. As a result, the company’s in-house customer service specialists can receive real-time notifications during currency exchange transactions, confirming the completion of the AML check. 

Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy, commented: “Our AML checks are designed to readily accommodate regulatory changes and facilitate swift scalability through a comprehensive range of international database checks, encompassing sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs).“We are genuinely excited to collaborate with Viena Moneta and assist them in streamlining the customer approval process, saving time and reducing complexity.”

iDenfy’s AML check service verifies all potential customers during onboarding, cross-referencing their details with global politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions lists, and other relevant watchlists. 

This will enable Viena Moneta to identify suspicious customers while maintaining trusted individuals promptly. This robust process will ensure thorough AML compliance and elevate the overall customer experience. 

Sonata Mickiene, Viena Moneta’s AML Specialist, added: “Our company strives to find the best solution for our clients. By partnering with iDenfy, we’re sure our AML compliance is handled with the highest level of security and accuracy. 

“That means our fraud management system now not only safeguards our customers and business but also delivers significant internal operational improvements.”