EPG Financial Services releases ‘no teething’ e-wallet tool paylado

Credit: Shutterstock

EPG Financial Services has unveiled its latest digital e-wallet payments solution ‘paylado’. 

Offering full compliance with FIAU, EBA, GGL and MFSA regulations, the paylado app allows customers to make real-time cash top-ups and withdrawals at a number of retail and casino locations directly through their smartphones.

Some of the locations that will offer paylado support include petrol stations, supermarket brands, as well as entertainment venues operated by EPG’s parent company Gauselmann Group

In order to use the service, customers must first generate a barcode within the app and scan it at the point-of-sale, after which funds will be credited to their paylado wallet in real-time. 

The technology behind the app is powered by European payments company Funanga, which offers a closed-loop system “designed for security and simplicity for operators and customers alike”. 

Jens Bader, Funanga CEO, said: “We work with the biggest iGaming brands in the world, and the EPG Financial Services partnership is a perfect demonstration of why. 

“The paylado team was building an innovative payment solution for users and needed an out-of-the-box white label product that is reliable, established, and designed predominantly for iGaming. 

“We knew that the service would need to meet customer expectations from day one, with no teething problems. It also needed to be easy to use and incredibly secure.”

Additional comments were also provided by the CEO of EPG Financial Services, Rupert Kainzbauer, who said: “We chose Funanga for its robust track record on customer security, regulatory compliance, and technical quality.

“Gauselmann has built an unrivalled reputation in the casino and entertainment sectors. We expect our customers’ iGaming experience to meet the same high standards. 

“Having a large ready-made network of POS locations was therefore essential because it would enable players to pay from tens of thousands of convenient locations immediately.

“The additional advantage with the Funanga platform is the embedded automated closed loop nature of the product”.