XtremePush: real-time data the only route to ensuring player retention 

The deal between Thunderbite and XtremePush was a ‘natural progression’, according to the firm’s CEO Tommy Kearns, as he praised the clear vision of the company. 

Speaking at SBC Summit Barcelona, Kearns was joined by the  VP of Sales, Gamification, and Loyalty, John Smith, as the duo praised the longstanding integrations between the two firms prior to XtremePush making the acquisition. 

Kearns emphasised that the acquisition means the ‘wow moments’ can be maximised for players within the user experience, as they elevate their focus on personalisation and player engagement. 

Smith also lauded the matching cultures at the two companies, something he stated made the collaboration a seamless one, which both emphasised will be vital to the existing portfolio of partners. 

Kearns stated the importance of data as he revealed that XtremePush’s ‘whole philosophy is about data’, and being able to bring data into a single customer view enables them to have a much richer profile of the player. 

Subsequently, tapping the data available allows them to bring a much more personalised approach to the way the firm interacts with the customer and generally enriches the engagement they bring. 

Smith added: “this isn’t just about pushing offers or giving out bonuses all the time in the hope that players stay with you, with loyalty going both ways as we aim to give players what they really want.” 

With acquisition costs spiking, Kearns went on to underline the integral importance of keeping the customer stimulated and putting the right moments in front of them to keep them occupied and engaged. He detailed that real-time data is at the heart of this, and being able to truly cater to what a player wants. 

Smith continued by highlighting that it’s all about keeping the content personalised in order to minimise churn and maximise player retention at a time when it has never been so vital.