Reply looks to bolster generative AI growth with new framework 


Reply has announced ambitions to bolster generative AI, with the launch of MLFRAME Reply, a new generative artificial intelligence framework for heterogeneous knowledge bases.

The framework was developed by Machine Learning Reply, a company within the group, MLFRAME Reply, which applies a proprietary methodology to analyse databases, train algorithms, and validate results using top AI technologies. 

It comes as the current availability of generative artificial intelligence technologies reportedly leads to large amounts of unstructured information and textual data accessible and queryable through natural language.

Laying out the role of the MLFRAME Reply, the group stated: “It acts as an engine that extracts knowledge through natural language, reaggregates it, and redistributes it in conversational form. It empowers the ‘artificial intelligence’ component underlying the new generation of ‘human-like’ interaction systems, such as digital assistants and digital humans.”

Furthermore, the group went on to add that MLFRAME Reply looks to enable businesses to take advantage of ‘comprehensive support’ during all phases of the conversational system development, as an increasing number of companies look to embrace generative AI. 

The launch arrives as generative AI grows in importance during a challenging period for the economy, with an increasing number of businesses looking to tap into the evolving tech in a bid to improve the customer experience.