Mangopay and VTEX partner to “redefine the dynamics of marketplace operations”

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Payment provider Mangopay and B2B e-commerce platform VTEX will work alongside one another to enhance the scalability of the commerce space by providing local payment preferences. 

The duo aim to “redefine the dynamics of marketplace operations” by enhancing efficiency and scalability of marketplaces through Mangopay’s modular global payment infrastructure. 

The payment integration will provide a “swift and seamless” seller onboarding process, with secure identity verification.  

“This significant alliance symbolises  a further alignment of our shared vision with VTEX to adeptly address our clients’ financial services requirements,” said Luke Trayfoot,  Chief Revenue Officer at Mangopay.

“This move facilitates an automated, seamless payment process benefiting sellers, marketplace operators and the end buyers. Merging the top-tier technology from both our companies paves the way for novel opportunities for online enterprises.” 

The partnership comes during a time of economic uncertainty as inflation is high and retail businesses are enhancing their efforts to develop their platforms in order to maintain customer demands. 

Mangopay states that the search for external expertise to navigate intricate business models and dynamic customer demands has become “paramount”.

“Mangopay International reach enables VTEX to provide a seamless payment process tailored to the country where our customer is operating,” said Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager EMEA & APAC at VTEX. 

“This partnership represents a unique alignment between two companies that share a lot in terms of customer positioning: B2C, B2B and marketplace for major retail companies. We are glad to bring to the market such a combination.”