OBId unites with MIRACL to enhance login offering


Specialists in Open Banking identity verification, OBId has linked with MIRACL, in a bid to deliver a smoother login experience for their online customers.

Utilising open banking protocols and MIRACL single-step MFA, the collaboration is eyeing elevating efficiency within the verification process. 

Stuart Young, MD at MyIdentity commented: “For MyIdentity to succeed, it is critical that users have absolute faith in the created trust framework, which is why we only provide authentication options on MyIdentity that reach DCMS and scheme standards. 

“MIRACL is the fastest passwordless MFA available, and matched with its data free process it offers our users convenience, security and confidence.” 

In announcing the link, the duo cited the use of OBId with the MyIdentity trust scheme as being a key example of positive use of the tech. 

Jim Lound, Co-Founder at OBId, commented: “Reusable digital IDs will become the norm for day-to-day use, even at work, for logging into employee services. MIRACL is a great match with our framework, because it offers high security with low friction – the ideal for improved customer journeys.”

He added: “When I first saw MIRACL, I was just fascinated by the technology. Without question: the user experience it provides makes it the one to go with. And on the commercial side, paying on a per-transaction basis is ideal for a startup looking to scale.”

Within the home buying and selling process you might be required to authenticate and provide proof of identity up to five times during the already stressful process – causing an unnecessary headache for the user. MyIdentity relieves people of this inconvenience by enabling users to authenticate just once.Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL also stated: “Without a doubt, passwordlesssingle-step multi-factor authentication is the future. Working with OBId shows us why. Users want security, convenience and confidence when online, and this starts with the login. MyIdentity is the ideal platform where users can reap the benefits of a MIRACL login – and remove one unnecessary stress point in the house purchase cycle.”