The Payment Expert Encore provides an opportunity for the payments industry to take the stage and share with us the soundtrack that took them to where they are today. 

In the latest edition, we spoke to Dan Greiller, the CCO of Weavr, who discussed two epic live performances and the rock music that provides inspiration.

What was your first ever gig, and what was it like?

Eternal (it was at university, don’t judge me!), the drink was cheap and the floor was sticky. I can’t honestly say that I recall the music that well.

Best performance you have ever seen live, and why was it so good?

Either Ed Sheeran at Wembley or Elton John at Vicarage Road.

Ed Sheeran was amazing. The only person ever to play Wembley solo, actually solo. At one point his guitar broke and he sang acapella while they got him a new one. Watching him operate a loop pedal to create the entirety of his music was sensational.

Elton John was also amazing. Elton used to own Watford Football Club many years ago, and Vicarage Road is the homeground where he is currently doing his ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ farewell tour. 

The quality of talent on display was incredible! Often at gigs you get a shout out from the artist at the end, something like “Thank you to my drummer, he is the best drummer, he used to drum for the stones, etc.” 

Elton John said something along the lines of  “Shout out to my chiropractor for helping me get on stage!” which was hilarious. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, which I think is great. 

Artist who can do no wrong in your eyes and why? 

No one is untouchable. 

Most cherished album and why? 

The Lumineers, by The Lumineers. I hate flying and one day, my boss introduced me to The Lumineers and I just played the album on hard rotation throughout the flight and it was such a comfort – it got me through a lot of transatlantic flights!

Song that gets you up in the morning? Why does it fill you with the energy you need to face the day?

Thunderstruck by AC/DC. It’s like a jolt of electricity, an injection of energy! You can’t sit there sipping a smoothie and listen to it, you have to get up and move! My kids really love it too and in all honesty, my seven year old son is probably the one ultimately responsible for this choice. 

The song that always makes your gym playlist? What are you usually doing in the gym when you listen to this?

My Hero, Foo Fighters. I still find it hard to believe this song came out in 1997! 

The song reminds me of an old All American Football Team movie. The premise of which leads to a finale where the team kicks out this bad coach and the young quarterback gives an amazing speech to the team prior to the big game talking about having the rest of their lives to be ordinary, and going out there and being heroes! And then it plays Foo Fighters, my hero – just phenomenal.

It’s the song I play when I’m lacking motivation and I can’t be bothered to do the next set or to get on that treadmill. 

The Artist or Song that takes your mind off work? Why have you chosen this artist and genre?

Enya. Her music is atmospheric and flows with almost a white noise effect for me. I find it doesn’t distract me from work or studying in a way that music with more prominent lyrics does.  

Musician you’d love to go on a night out with? Where would you take them?

Has to be Keith Richards, right?! I mean … good lord, who knows what would happen?!