SCCG to “upgrade” payments with Full Flight partnership


Sports betting consultant firm SCCG has announced a partnership with direct payments processor Full Flight Payments.

Operating as a gaming industry branch of merchant service provider BankCard USA, Full Flight Payments has been in the business for more than 26 years now.

The firm prides itself on working with over 200,000 merchants and has stated that SCCG should expect no less than “sustainable payment processing” while remaining compliant with “every regulatory piece required”. 

Chris Berman, Founder of Full Flight Payments, commented that SCCG will receive all “reliable” support needed to process punter payments, while gaming continues to expand throughout the US. 

He said: “Full Flight Payments is excited to partner with SCCG & utilise their 30 years of expertise in the gaming space to help bring our bank direct payment processing services to the marketplace.  

“We understand the pains of operators in reliable credit card processing solutions as gaming has expanded into the US market.  

“No longer does the marketplace need to be controlled by slow-moving Goliaths- as we have a nimble solution allowing for scalable, sustainable accounts that don’t run the risks of closure.

“We act as a true payment partner in an ever-evolving regulatory & compliance landscape. We look forward to working with SCCG to bring our solution to the many operators in need.” 

The deal also entails that SCCG, with its ecosystem of more than 90 gaming companies, will leverage its network to bring Full Flight Payments’ full suite to the industry. 

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG, said: “Full Flight brings a human-first approach to Payments and Commerce, we are very excited to move forward with this partnership and grow their presence in the gaming industry. 

“Chris Berman is a reputable leader in the financial technology space and his payment processing solution will fit seamlessly with our SCCG network of operators looking to upgrade their payment processing partner.”