SBC Summit Barcelona: FinXP increases efficiency of cross-border payments with multi-currency accounts 

FinXP has launched a new multi-currency account service for corporates, which is aimed at increasing the seamless nature of cross-border payments. 

The service, which could be pivotal for iGaming companies, was officially launched at the SBC Summit Barcelona.

The new multi-currency service allocates virtual IBAN accounts to clients, allowing them  to hold, manage, and pay with multiple currencies from a single account. This setup  makes it simpler to manage the flow of funds while providing clients with benefits such as fast settlement times and low foreign exchange fees.  

Commenting on the new service, FinXP CEO Jens Podewski stated: “The company  has already started rolling out the service to existing clients and from the feedback  received, we’re confident that multi-currency accounts are going to be a game-changer  for many companies.

“Many established businesses today operate across borders and they want their  payment processes to be as straightforward as possible. This is where multi-currency  accounts come in as by using such cloud-based banking solutions, companies no  longer need to maintain separate accounts for different currencies.”