Unlimint opens up Mexico to clients through CoDi partnership


London fintech Unlimint has opened a path to Mexico for European and UK firms by adding local platform CoDi to its alternative payment methods.

Cobro Digital, or CoDi, is an electronic payments platform that was launched back in 2018 by the Bank of Mexico. It uses QR codes and two-dimensional barcodes for mobile devices to facilitate transactions through electronic transfers, stimulating the region’s cashless economy. Through the integration, Unlimint clients will now be able to enter the local market while also staying competitive. 

Irene Skrynova, CCO of Unlimint, said: “As consumers become more aware of online payment methods, it is important for merchants to facilitate secure transactions without cash. 

“Adding CoDi to our portfolio proves Unlimint is committed to enabling clients to grow anywhere in the world and incorporate popular local electronic payment methods into their operations to remain competitive.”

Awareness for electronic methods like mobile banking and mobile wallets has been steadily growing amongst consumers. In Mexico specifically, while Statista reports that paper money remains prevalent even after COVID-19, only four out of ten in-store purchases were completedwith cash in 2021.