Fuse Labs launch blockchain payments platform Fuse Charge

Web3 payments firm Fuse Labs has launched a new blockchain payments platform, Fuse Charge, with the aim of bringing crypto payments to the forefront. 

The platform see’s blockchain technology mould into a service that enables businesses and professional developers to seamlessly incorporate crypto payment powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine

Compatible with the Fuse Network blockchain, the Ethereum Virtual Machine affords users the opportunity to integrate the crypto payments app without prior blockchain experience. 

Fuse Labs has previously expressed the potential blockchain-powered payments have in being able to address the limitations that exist within the traditional payment system. These include high transaction fees, excess intermediation, geographic fragmentation, and more. 

Blockchain technology is a Web3 function that has helped power cryptocurrencies with potential to provide benefits on payment routes such as a faster transfer finality, open access and peer-to-peer architecture. 

Fuse Charge consists of a set of Fuse smart contracts and backend infrastructure tools that are exposed to developers via ‘easy-to-use API’s’. 

Fuse Charge at its launch will present beta testers with three APIs: an admin API for launching tokens and blockchain accounts, the wallet API for creating mobile wallet apps, and the trade API which incorporates decentralised exchange trading for tokens.