Google is adding an autofill virtual card number system in its Chrome search engine allowing for quicker and more efficient online purchases. 

The feature will allow users to hide their credit or debit card details, with a one-click solution for completing a transaction. Google states they have added the feature to support secure transactions for websites that do not support payment options such as Google or Apple Pay

The virtual card feature seeks to become more of a transaction by transaction function, relying on its one-click payment solution, eliminating the friction often experienced during a traditional payment process. 

Using the Chrome Autofill, users will add their card details before they can make autofill purchases with the new feature also adding a layer of security for transactions. Google is aiming to eliminate the process of reversing charges for damaged cards when handled by vendors, as the tech giant states that its virtual card can only be used for specific transactions. 

Speaking to The Verge, Bill Ready, President of Commerce and Payments at Google, commented: “Implementing support for Google Pay or other third-party options can require a lot of work from a vendor, whereas Google’s Virtual Card Numbers will work on any site that can take credit cards. 

Ready goes on to clarify that Google will ‘not charge anything’ when using its virtual card.

Vendors won’t have to give up a portion of their profits, whilst consumers will not have to hand over their card details. 

The Google president also reassured users that their virtual card will be able to mask Capital One cards, with additional support for Visa, American Express and Mastercard holders as well. 

Chrome’s new offering will not be able to be managed in Google’s new Wallet app but can protect the card details stored within the app.