Fi911 unites with Alpha Fintech 

Fi911, the dispute specialists and sister brand of Chargebacks911, has announced a new partnership with Alpha Fintech. 

As part of the link, APAC regional acquirers and PSPs will be able to leverage the Fi911 SaaS dispute management platform (“DisputeLab”), delivering turnkey intelligent automation and end-to-end processing.

Commenting on the partnership, Monica Eaton-Cardone, Founder at Fi911, said: “We are delighted to forge a strong relationship with Alpha Fintech, beginning with this launch in the APAC region, and look forward to continued expansion in the near future.

“Given the trajectory of transaction growth, providing access to intelligent and scalable solutions for disputes and chargebacks couldn’t be more timely.”

It comes as global-branded cards issued in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to generate more than 288 billion purchase transactions in 2025, compared to 196 billion in 2020.  However, with rapid growth comes new fraud threats. 

The new partnership will enable Alpha Fintech to extend a fully managed software service, delivering much needed scale and scope. The solution promises accelerated, “record-breaking” integrations, leveraging next generation technology through a hub and spoke framework.

Oliver Rajic, CEO at Alpha Fintech, added: “There was no doubt that Fi911 was the premier partner for us as we bolster our position in the APAC region. Being able to plug and play has been invaluable as it has meant we have been fast to market and can more readily have a solution for our merchants and start achieving results for them. In addition, we are able to digitize our platform, making it more efficient and increasing savings across the board.”

Expert Analysis: This collaboration is well-positioned to bolster the industry in the APAC region at a time when growth for the sector and an enhanced focus on technological advancements has never been so pivotal.