Payments provider Neosurf is making its first steps into the metaverse by launching its digital cash payments solution to become “central to the players’ experience”. 

Having established itself as a voucher-based payments provider that players can use to facilitate online gambling and igaming services, Neosurf is looking to broaden its scope by providing its services into the digital world of the metaverse. 

Users will be able to buy, manage, collect, share and use virtual currencies as assets inside the virtual landscape. Neosurf is also helping to create a seamless process of transferring fiat currencies to the user’s preferred digital currency. 

Chief Commercial Officer at Neosurf, Andrea McGeachin, stated: “Our vision at Neosurf is to embed digital cash into the heart of every gamer’s metaverse. The ability to transfer value frictionlessly from fiat and digital currencies into virtual currencies is at the core of what we do. 

“Beyond that we want to be able to connect communities by integrating means to communicate, share, trade, and benefit from a collective pool of virtual value.

Whether gamers are buying virtual currencies like RP or V-Bucks or wanting to share them with their community peers, digital cash by Neosurf is set to provide a seamless and secure way to improve their online liquidity.”

With Neosurf heading into the metaverse, this shows payment providers, bank operators and social media platforms accelerated plans to take advantage of the possibilities the virtual world can provide. 

People within the industry, such as Chief Strategy Officer at Flight Story, Mike Blake-Crawford, indicate that “we are already living in the metaverse”, believing that NFT ownership and virtual real-estate will become a lot more prevalent in the coming years. 

“Having partnered with Neosurf across many esports, gaming projects and geographies since 2018, their desire to understand and add value to the community has always shone through,” commented Managing Director of Guinevere Capital, David Harris

“As the metaverse becomes established, Neosurf sees a world where gamers will want a fungible digital currency that can be traded from one gaming environment to another, through the ownership of a personalised value wallet that is unrestricted in how its ‘balance’ can be spent.”

McGeachin concluded: “The next stage on the road towards the metaverse will include working with adjacent digital platforms that gamers spend their time and money with, across NFT auction sites such as Opensea, Nifty Gateway and Crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and