Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are gaining support via FintechOS with their newly launched accelerator program. 

The program aims to provide an efficient ‘digital journey so SME companies can open a checking/current account in less than 15 minutes.’ 

FintechOS believes that their accelerator is a great starting point for financial institutions to implement a modern user experience (UX), providing solutions in regards to design, content and customer journey experience. 

“SMEs are the backbone of the global economy and the lending gap many of them face comes at a time of increased uncertainty as macro-economic forces disrupt how millions of consumers and firms do business,” said Teo Blidarus, CEO and Co-Founder of FintechOS.

“This is why we are determined to introduce innovative new methods of getting smaller businesses the money they need to grow.”

According to FintechOS findings, ‘SME financing needs are still significantly underserved’. The global financing gap is estimated to be at $5.2 trillion. 

FintechOS is set about to cut the SME account openings to under 15 minutes. This helps reduce the loan application procedure for businesses by accelerating the process. 

Blidarus concluded: “Our high productivity fintech infrastructure, digital and core financial technology blocks combine here with a low-code approach to help institutions close the gap by rolling out tailored financial services experiences at speed.”