Cross-currency business Currencycloud has partnered with US payment developer Moov, making domestic to international payments a seamless experience. 

Handling multiple currencies in an open digital market, the partnership with Moov enables Currencycloud’s US businesses to expand into the global payments network, whilst international customers have the opportunity to expand their operations into the US market. 

Both tech companies achieve the distribution of their respective currencies by implementing financial solution technology, ideal for business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-individuals payments. 

Cara Hayward, Director of Strategic Partnerships, North America at Currencycloud, commented on the partnership: “Embedded finance has gained a lot of momentum in the last 12 months, and demand from customers for financial solutions they can integrate into their businesses is accelerating.

“Moov is a great example of what makes embedded finance so powerful by enabling businesses to accept, store and disburse customers’ money simply and effectively.”  

Currencycloud and Moov intend to reduce regulatory, compliance and risk burdens for companies. This allows customers of both tech firms to focus on building their business value with a streamlined money movement network. 

“Moov is excited about this partnership because both companies were founded on a similar premise: to make moving money easier,” states Wade Arnold, CEO at Moov. 

“We approach the problem from different angles – Currencycloud tackles international payments, and Moov domestic. Together our services complement each other in a way that our customers are going to benefit from immensely.”