Payment management firm Mesh, has announced the ‘Plug & Pay’ VISA numberless payment card, designed to tie together virtual and physical cards. 

The new innovation is a handheld business card that uses Mesh’s virtual card technology and seeks to link customers’ accounts online and in retail. 

The card was created in collaboration with VISA aimed to deliver more control, flexibility and security for businesses. Mesh also emphasises its aim on spend management by making the ‘Plug & Pay’ card. 

More critically, the card reduces security risks due to no numbers appearing on the card. This stops thieves and fraudsters from obtaining information on the card and if the card were to be compromised, the finance manager of the company can link a new virtual code to the card to be re-used in one seamless and efficient way. 

“We designed Plug & Pay to address the needs of finance teams who spend valuable time worrying about abuse and fraud on corporate cards,” stated Oded Zehavi, CEO of Mesh Payments

“As we see further consumerization of the enterprise, more and more small and medium enterprises are embracing new technologies and experiences. With the Plug & Pay Visa card, businesses can enjoy the security a numberless physical card provides, while still benefiting from the enhanced experience of virtual cards and our spend management platform.

“Working with Visa to bring this solution to the market has been incredibly rewarding, and we are proud to help deliver innovative solutions alongside them.”

The card will also hope to introduce less friction within the finance department of businesses. Finance teams will have full control over the numberless card and has the right to disable, change the pin code or swap the virtual card. Veronica Fernandez, SVP North America Head at Visa Business Solutions, commented on the partnership with Mesh: “Our collaboration with Mesh on the Plug & Pay Visa card is a part of our efforts to help bring these innovations to the fast-growing market of small and medium enterprises.

“The way businesses manage their spend is evolving rapidly due to new innovations and technological solutions. “We want to help our clients adapt to these changes and better serve them by enabling the enhanced experiences new technologies can provide.”