A digital token that was formed off the back of the Korean series, Squid Game, has been outed as an alleged scam. 

Although it spiked dramatically in price in its opening week of launching, the free-to-play token was criticised for restricting the way it allows users to engage with the selling of their tokens. 

The token was launched ahead of a new game, and was believed would maintain the theme of the show, obviously without the consequences. 

Nonetheless, the game attracted major attention, with it providing a home for those that enjoyed the limited series, that are looking to further elevate their fandom. 

According to CoinMarketCap, when the tokens launched on Tuesday they saw a significant price rise, from $0.012 to $6.27 by the end of the week, before significantly falling as further details over the coin came to light. 

A key factor in the fall of the currency is the lack of ability to exchange it, something which was previously advertised at the currencies launch.