As cryptocurrency has cemented its place within the gaming payments space, its integration into titles has elevated significantly. 

Speaking to CasinoBeats, BGaming Director Marina Ostrovtsova detailed how the firm navigates the volatility that can come with digital currencies, as a result of the market they live in. 

She underlined the importance of outlining the realistic use cases for our business, when it comes to crypto, before adding: “This is just the currency players making their bets and using crypto in the whole portfolio of currencies supported is just broadening the audience and gives this audience more flexibility and freedom. 

“But here we can stumble upon another issue – if our business has an effective system in place to balance and manage the risks. Speaking on behalf of a game developer, it is essential to have a flexible system to reflect all the changes. 

“Accepting cryptocurrencies makes game suppliers always be prepared to change (either the bets in the game, or the system itself) and this is challenging on its own. From the very beginning, we all do it manually, moving slowly to more automated versions of our systems and platforms.“

She went on to map out the various currencies that the firm has engaged with and how their involvement has expanded in recent years. 

From the very beginning, the obvious choice was BTC, that is how it all started. Litecoin and Dogecoin jumped in straight after. This threesome was alive and kicking until Etherium started rocking. So we saw the demand from operators and this was just a matter of settings until we enabled this one. Further, this was already a process for us – seeing this demand, and reacting accordingly. 

“It is always about feeling what your current clients need, about identifying it with what we have on the market. So this is the foremost. The second major would be the system itself – from the very start we have built the system to be able to work with any currency out there even if this does not yet exist.” 

She concluded by emphasising the significant space for innovation that she believes will open up within cryptocurrency’s relationship with gaming.