credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Promise Token has expanded engagement with the launch of a decentralised lottery to entice users to its services.

The lottery is focused on efficient payouts and offers its users infinite rounds, meaning there is no limit to the amount of Promise Token one can bet. 

Promise Token emphasised in a statement that ‘15% (of winnings) goes to the liquidity, and then the following time when the pool is successfully completed, the 15% tokes are bought and burned, to help build an artificial scarcity’.

The lottery offers instant payouts on winnings, meaning when a user makes a withdrawal request, the payment request would be processed instantly. 

As the lottery is a method of acquiring more users to the digital tokens, Promis Token is launching the lottery affiliate scheme, where users can earn a 3% lifetime commission for every person referred to play games in the lottery by another customer.

In a statement, Promise Token said: “Being a decentralized Web3.0 lottery, the Promise lottery has a built-in coordinator fees and partner system to strengthen the ecosystem. This feature adds liquidity to the lottery. You can also participate in different pools.”