Washington Lottery partners with IGT to offer cashless service

International Game Technology (IGT) has partnered with Washington Lottery Corporation to introduce a next-generation cashless operation in the state’s lottery game. 

Having signed a deal with Washington Lottery until 2029, IGT now has agreements with seven states across the USA to provide cashless solutions. The two companies have been partnered since 1996 as IGT supplied Washington Lottery with its sales technology. 

IGT is set to install cashless hardware and software developments on 2,000 lottery vending machines across the state. The company’s GameTouch 28, GameTouch 24 and GameTouch 20 machines will all be subject to the cashless upgrades.

Marcus Glasper, Washington Lottery Director, stated: “IGT has helped us navigate the ever-evolving lottery landscape and provide us with innovative solutions to consistently engage new players. 

“The addition of cashless functionality on self-service machines is another chapter in our development, and allows players to have a flexible, convenient and secure way to purchase their favorite lottery games.”

IGT processes over 75% of the USA’s state lottery sales and this latest agreement, said the firm, ensures that its position as market leader continues.

COO Jay Grendon, commented: “IGT has a deep understanding for the growth-driving products and solutions Washington’s Lottery needs to help reach its business goals.

“Since our current contract began in 2016, we have worked closely with the Lottery to increase its annual lottery sales by 37%, culminating in $950m in total sales for the most recent fiscal year. 

“We’ll continue to support the Lottery in maximising its funds toward good causes, including the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account which funds educational programs around the state, while delivering entertaining and responsible experiences for its players.”