Arkose Labs, provider of online fraud and abuse prevention technology, has been selected by PayPal to prevent security threats and fight fraud on its Honey shopping and rewards platform.

Honey by PayPal is a suite of free tools to help people save time and money when shopping online. The platform utilises notification tools to boost shopper confidence and ensure they are better informed. 

“PayPal’s brand is built on the trust of our consumers and we take all steps to prevent fraud and abuse on an ongoing basis,” said Assaf Keren, VP, Enterprise Cyber Security at PayPal. “By collaborating with Arkose Labs, we continue to advance security and vigilance to a new level where merchants and consumers alike have even more confidence their transactions are safe.”

The Arkose Platform classifies traffic based on the underlying intent of users and deploys appropriate countermeasures to remediate attacks in real-time. By going beyond stopping individual attacks, Arkose Labs delivers a long-term solution that deters fraudsters while enhancing good user experience.

“Fraud detection and prevention has never been more important, and Arkose Labs enables ecommerce platforms to take a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and abuse on their websites and apps, while enhancing user experience and customer loyalty,” said Arkose Labs CEO Kevin Gosschalk. 

“We look forward to working with PayPal and the Honey team to tackle fraud and abuse in its different forms with an approach that embraces targeted friction combined with risk-based assessments.”