SendGold, the specialist fintech platform providing digital access to physical gold, has rebranded to Rush Gold, for the launch of the mobile Rush Mastercard.

Expanding the use of the card, it will be issued directly to the customer’s mobile wallet and accessible on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

Jodi Stanton, CEO and Co-Founder of Rush commented: ”With the launch of the Rush Mastercard card, we’ve created a current account that can keep pace with the rising costs of goods and services while reducing cyber and counterparty risk. 

“Our Australian customers can now pay directly with gold, converting their gold to any currency at point of sale, which means their buying power is there right when they need it most.

She added: ”With inflation now higher than interest rates, people everywhere are making sure gold is part of their portfolio. This mobile wallet innovation deepens Rush’s physical gold capability, which includes our open API Gold-as-a-Service for businesses and distribution partners. 

“Gold-as-a-Service enables enterprises like banks, marketplaces, payment gateways, and even loyalty and games companies to include gold transactions as part of their service without the need for additional financial licensing, since fully-owned physical gold bullion is not a financial product.”

Rush has also partnered with Australian-based payments technology company EML Payments to deliver the prepaid Mastercard, which allows Rush customers to pay with real gold in real-time.

Richard Anderson, Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at EML (ASX: EML) (S&P/ASX 200) also stated: ”EML is excited about Rush’s disruptive precious metal solution. This payments innovation is a powerful way to pay and reward with gold; a substance people have had a monetary connection with for eons. As Rush Gold’s growth compounds month on month, the next gold rush is here, now.”