HooYu launches ‘Card Check’ to ease withdrawal ID requirements

HooYu has launched its Card Check service, the latest tool in its KYC and onboarding suite, to help companies operating in high-risk sectors maintain their compliance and AML controls.

Card Check is marked as a further extension of HooYu’s ‘customer journey’, applied at the point of check-out and withdrawal.  

The software extension prompts customers to simply screenshot their payment card at checkout, allowing HooYu clients to cross-reference the card’s number and name against the information provided on deposit.

“Card Check works to prove that the withdrawal of funds during payout is going to the real customer and prevent bad actors from account-takeover and making off with the customer’s winnings,” HooYu outlined in its product statement.

Underlining the need to maintain customer trust, HooYu emphasised that its Card Check extension works as a one-off security engagement, retaining no sensitive or personal information.

Card Check sees the firm expand its biometric and ID validation capabilities to service customers beyond their verification needs.  

The KYC specialist stated that in developing the product, it identified its igaming client needs to provide faster withdrawal verification services, thereby minimising the use of customer service validation resources.  

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu commented: “Our clients asked us if we could extend the HooYu journey to payment cards to reduce manual overhead checking at payout and increase AML controls.” 

“This new journey speeds up the payout process and saves operators many man-hours checking that payouts are being sent to the right card.”