Paf confirms player loss limits lowered to €20,000

Continuing its focus on customer affordability and social responsibility, Åland Islands-based gaming operator Paf has announced that it will lower its annual player loss limit by a further €5,000 to €20,000. 

The customer care directive being implemented for a third year underlines Paf’s commitment to leading the online gambling industry in social responsibility standards and safeguards.

In 2018, the Paf leadership duo of CEO Christer Fahlstedt and CRO Daniela Johansson launched the industry’s first mandatory player loss limit which was set at a €30,000 per year benchmark.

The loss-limit was imposed as part of a group-wide restructure of Paf, which saw the firm’s leadership duties split between CEO and the new position of Chief Responsibility Officer (CRO).  

Lowering its annual player loss limits to €20,000, Paf estimates that the directive will impact corporate revenues by €2-3 million. Yet, Paf has maintained that its operations will continue to be ‘earnings effective’ – as in 2019, the company delivered a 4% increase in profits to €26 million.  

“We are proud to have been able to lower our loss limit by as much as a third in just two years,” said Fahlstedt. “We see that our maximum limit effectively stops big-spending players and prevents the personal tragedies that can occur when huge amounts are lost.

“Paf is now lowering the loss limit further to show that it is possible to survive as a gaming company without income from the biggest big players.”

In April, Paf confirmed that it had chosen to reserve €40 million in dividends payments, which would be distributed to charities to ‘alleviate the negative effects of the coronavirus’.