Clearhaus partners with PurePay to elevate UK engagement

UK government
UK government

As part of an ambitious partnership, PurePay and Clearhaus have announced a new collaboration in order to boost UK engagement.

The payment service provider will unite with the Danish acquirer and financial institution, meaning Clearhaus will provide the technological rails for Purepay as the ambitious PSP deepens its engagement in the UK. 

Dennis E.R. Pedersen, CEO at PurePay commented: “The partnership with Clearhaus clearly strengthens our position in the UK. The Clearhaus technology simply enables us to act faster and concentrate on our core value which is to provide great service and support to our merchants.”

PurePay has been operating on the European payments scene since 2019 and is now looking to boost its presence in the UK. The PSP takes pride in providing a swift application process, which allows merchants to process online payments in 1-3 days. 

Clearhaus is supporting PurePay with an advanced payment infrastructure. With 14,500 European merchants under its belt and an ability to handle the newest payment technologies like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Clearhaus is looking forward to clearing the payments of PurePay’s merchants. 

“We are happy to see that PurePay has chosen Clearhaus as a partner on their exciting journey. The UK is one of our most important markets and we are fully prepared to provide a state-of-the art solution for the UK merchants who choose PurePay as their payment service provider,” stated CEO at Clearhaus, Claus Methmann Christensen

The agreement between Clearhaus and PurePay is one of many partnerships presented by Clearhaus the past year. Other examples of recent partnerships have involved ANYDAY, PayNoPain, Team. Blue, Payrexx and Newgen Payments.