Danske Bank has enhanced its commitment to an elevated mobile offering, becoming the first to offer a new mobile solution that enables its customers to transfer money through Danske Mobile Banking from payment accounts that the customers have with other banks.

Danske Bank customers who hold accounts and facilities with several banks can now use Danske Mobile Banking to transfer money from all the customer’s accounts – including accounts with other banks.

Line Munkholm Haukrogh, head of digital banking at Danske Bank commented: “In a fast-moving world that is headed towards more openness and transparency, our strategy is to support our customers with the best possible tools to handle their everyday finances.

“We’ve been working closely with Nordic API Gateway since 2017 and we’re happy to continue developing the partnership, giving our customers huge flexibility as they’re now able to make payments and transfers between their own accounts across several different banks. For us, it’s all about making it easier for customers to gain a full financial overview – no matter how many banks they have.”

The expansion comes as open banking continues to become increasingly prevalent within the European finance space. Providing consumers with a far deeper insight into their finances. 

The new solution is carried out via the Nordic API Gateway platform, which has combined access to all Nordic banks’ data in one place.

Furthermore, the expansion of capabilities comes as digitalisation grows throughout European banks and significantly amongst consumers.