APEXX approved for PayPal Commerce Platform integration

Single integration payment gateway APEXX Global has confirmed that it has secured PayPal accreditation to integrate its payment modules and APIs with the PayPal ‘Commerce Platform expanding its business services and functionalities to e-merchants.

Operating since 2016, the APEXX gateway combines multiple payment processors, acquirers, shopping cards and alternative payment methods into a single use straight API connection, saving digital merchants time and valuable resources.

Furthermore, the APEXX gateway has been development on fully agnostic parameters, benefiting its merchant users with optimal market pricing for payment processing, acquiring and validation functionalities.  

PayPal’s ‘Commerce Platform’ was launched in 2019, as a key technology directive delivering e-merchants a comprehensive opensource engine in which digital retail teams could develop and better scale their commercial backends for digital retail.

Safeguarding its e-merchants, PayPal verifies and reviews all applicant payment processors and gateways, ensuring all transactional services providers are safe and secure.   

Commenting on developments, Rodney Bain, Co-founder and Managing Director of APEXX Global, said: “I’m delighted to announce that we are working with PayPal’s Commerce Platform.

 At APEXX we are always looking for new ways to provide a more efficient and customer-centric solution for merchants and PPCP does exactly that. I look forward to working with PayPal to enable merchants to achieve greater sales growth, consumer reach and higher conversion rates.”