Presentation attack detection methods and innovative anti-spoofing techniques, which are underpinned by AI technologies, can play a key role in taking biometrics to the next level according to Clive Bourke

The President for EMEA and APAC at Daon shared his insight during the Payment Expert track at the SBC Digital Summit, as he revealed that such is the advanced nature of biometrics, it can even potentially detect fraud through the way that a mobile device is being held. 

He also detailed that the need for persistent logins and authentications could be eradicated, as biometric technology decreases friction in the customer journey. 

Convenience and efficiency are two of the key factors that continue to grow through the correct utilisation of biometric technology according to Bourke, who drew on Daon’s collaboration with the Hong Kong Jockey club as an example of where the technology has thrived. 

Highlighting the potential of the technology’s role in the payment space, he also outlined that they have customers in the payment space, as they are about to embark on an exploration of facial recognition as a payment method. 

Much of the growth in biometrics has been accelerated by anti-spoofing evolutions, as well as utilising 3D facial recognition. Bourke stated: “We also use something called colour of light reflection, which means that as we see light reflected off the user’s skin it’s different to how it’s reflected off a screen, so if someone was holding a screen we would see that. 

“We also use look at head movement, all of this is done in a passive way so there is very little the customer needs to do apart from sitting in front of a camera.”

He concluded: “There’s really strong anti-spoofing techniques that prevent fraudsters from trying to get in the system with photo or video.” 

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