Crypto Millions Lotto, Official Online Lottery Partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC recently announced it’s giving away 10 million free online lottery tickets, as it seeks to engage new players within the crypto lottery space. 

Sulim Malook, founder of Crypto Millions Lotto spoke to Payment Expert about why he believes digital is the future of lottery wagering, as well as detailing further about the Crypto Millions Lotto Great Lottery Giveaway. 

Payment Expert: Can you tell us more about what led to the Crypto Millions Lotto Great Lottery Giveaway? 

Sulim Malook: When launching a new product or service, a “try-before-you-buy” promotion is a fantastic way to give potential customers a chance to experience the product and familiarise themselves with it at no cost. That is what the Crypto Millions Lotto Great Lottery Giveaway is.

Payment Expert: Which are some of the key markets that the Crypto Millions Lotto thrives in and why do you believe this is? 

Sulim Malook: Our convenient, easy-to-play, online lottery proposition with big jackpots is positioned for markets where aggregated multi-state lotteries like Mega Millions or EuroMillions don’t exist. 

In LATAM, Asia, Russia/CIS and Africa jackpots are modest and online lottery has yet to gain a foothold. These are the regions we focus on and where I believe we will be best received.

Payment Expert: How important is Crypto Millions Lotto’s role in keeping people engaged with lotteries during the covid-19 crisis? 

Sulim Malook: The Covid-19 crisis is affecting every industry. Many people are suffering, which is of course very sad. From a lottery perspective, sales are plummeting, which is not ideal for players, operators, states and charities. 

We’re not actually doing anything different to what we would do if there was no crisis, we are simply promoting online lottery play.

Payment Expert: Why does digital currency lend itself so much to lottery wagering? 

Sulim Malook: We work with bitcoin because it allows us to offer players the opportunity to buy tickets and win prizes in a single currency all across the world. 

This simplifies our payments system and negates the need for us to advertise prizes in every country’s fiat currency. Bitcoin also benefits from being readily available, liquid to get in and out of and quick and easy to transact (for deposits and withdrawals).

Payment Expert: Where do you see the future of lottery heading?

Sulim Malook: Online. Online. Online. Every major industry and some of the biggest companies in the world operate their businesses online. Lottery needs to adapt, especially if it is going to be appeal to younger players. The transition is long overdue.