At the EuroShop 2020, VR Payment has unveiled the ‘China Solution’, an all-round service package that enhances retailers access to the Chinese market. 

In addition to the on-and-offline payment acceptance of Alipay and WeChat Pay, the payment specialist of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network provides retailers with a professional appearance on the two most important Chinese lifestyle platforms.

This includes the formation of a profile, building and designing custom e-commerce store within the WeChat ecosystem, translation services for smooth chat communication with Chinese customers, design and implementation of relevant marketing strategies as well as cross-border logistics for easy shipping of goods to Asia.

Carlos Gómez-Sáez, CEO of VR Payment commented: “In China, digital payment and ecosystems play a much more important role than they do in this country. With the central platforms Alipay and WeChat, even small retailers can bring Chinese tourists to their businesses and build up a large customer base in Asia – so long as they know how to make use of the platforms for themselves. 

“This is exactly what we help with. In addition to the payment function, Alipay and WeChat display all the services provided in western countries by Google, WhatsApp, TripAdvisor, travel and information portals or e-commerce platforms and therefore have a huge influence on purchasing decisions.”

With an authentic profile and the relevant payment acceptance, German companies can gain visibility on these Chinese platforms, which is the basic prerequisite for guiding Chinese travellers into their businesses using the info, storefinder and geolocation functions on Alipay and WeChat.

Marco van Eersel, expert on China and founder of the VR Payment service partner, WeRetail added: “Without any presence in Alipay and WeChat, not only retailers but also hotel and restaurant owners have a hard time keeping Chinese customers. The differences between the European and Chinese payment processes are simply too big and the usage of digital offers is too high. 

“The offer of on- and offline payment acceptance along with platform services with Alipay and WeChat as a comprehensive package is unparalleled in Germany.”

Expert Analysis: As the tourism sector in the region continues to grow, the solution can be an invaluable tool for firms that are seeking to profit from the increasing spending.