Mediaocean has united with Amino Payments as its inaugural partner to utilise blockchain technology to provide the first fully transparent media supply chain, enabling spend optimisation across the programmatic media.

In partnering with the foundational software provider for the advertising sector, Amino expands on several years of blockchain investments by Mediaocean focused on enhancing trust and accountability in the supply chain. 

The integration seeks to empower marketers and agencies to view programmatic supply path details tied to financial and contractual data. The inclusion of Amino Payments into Mediaocean’s applications will enhance the end-to-end ‘PO to payment’ view of contractual commitments across all media, with programmatic path and compensation transparency.

Ramsey McGrory, CRO, Mediaocean commented: “Mediaocean is continuing to innovate with partners like Amino Payments to empower marketers and agencies to plan, execute and measure global cross media advertising. 

“Delivering programmatic media supply chain transparency inside the financial and contractual workflow has been one of the top requests we’ve received as we’ve innovated with blockchain. The partnership with Amino Payments will help us to deliver this.”  

Supply path data from Amino Payments will be written to blockchain, and surfaced in Mediaocean’s newest Media Finance, Auditing and Capital Management applications for brands and agencies. 

Brands and agencies will be able to view and report on more granular delivery data, specifically around supply path for digital and programmatic – this includes information around which supplier, tech, and data partners participated in a given transaction, and also the dollar allocation. 

Will Luttrell, Amino’s Founder and CEO added: “Amino Payments’ mission is to bring financial transparency to digital advertising.

“By combining Amino’s impression-level cost analysis and supply path optimisation tools with Mediaocean’s cross media management solutions, marketers will have complete and detailed visibility of their programmatic buys from purchase order to payment execution. 

“This is a huge win for our mutual advertiser and agency clients seeking to make the most of their media dollars.”