Smartlands announces money-management application

Smartlands, the digital securities investment platform based in London, has announced the launch of its customer assistance money-management app, Smartee.

The application has been designed to store, receive and transfer currencies features a digital wallet and requires customers to register an account for KYC purposes.

This in turn grants them access to a Smartee co-owner payment card that will facilitate the storing, exchanging, and spending of both digital and fiat currencies

Yaroslava Tkalich, CMO, Smartlands added, “Smartlands is a community-inspired company: our investors have voting rights, they get a say in investment projects Smartlands puts forth.

“We are building the Smartee ecosystem with the same community-first approach and are allocating 6 million member-shares (10% of the entire Smartee equity) for the first million of active Smartee users.

“In order to get the special Co-owner payment card and get the first 3 (three) of their member-shares, users need to register an account and pass KYC.”

Moreover, the application developed by the London-based entity will allow its users to  benefit from receiving cashback from their account operations and will also grant customers the option to enable automated investing by setting up and using the app’s ‘robo-adviser’. 

Smartlands CEO, Ilia Obraztsov, concluded: “As accredited investors, Smartee customers will be able to configure the type and scope of their investment portfolio based on the offers available on Smartlands, and automatically transfer, for example, 1% of their daily expenses to a “digital piggy bank”.

“It’s a true definition of passive income with no hassle when your money just hums in the background 24 hours a day working quietly with no direct participation from you.”