ONPEX, a provider of multi-currency IBAN accounts, has partnered with UK-based digital money solutions provider, Wirex to help the latter offer international bank account numbers (IBANs) to deliver effective cross-border payments.

An FCA-regulated digital payment platform, Wirex currently supports 9 cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP, as well as 10 traditional currencies including Pound Sterling, Euro, and US Dollars.

Christoph Tutsch, CEO at ONPEX, added: “Wirex has built an impressive product for its customers in recent years. We’ve provided Wirex’s end-users with a practical way to pay in multiple currencies. With access to our IBAN offering, Wirex can go now further.

“For example, offering card users a range of new benefits, Wirex can build even stronger relationships with its customers. With strong growth plans predicted for both businesses in 2019, we look forward to working closely with this great company in the future.”

The company launched the world’s first Visa card that enables users to convert and spend cryptocurrencies wherever Visa is accepted and now processes digital transactions for more than 2 million users in 130 countries – processing over $2bn of transactions to date.

Wirex users can now transfer money internationally in compliance with local and global legislation, with a reduced risk of transcription errors.

The partnership also enables Wirex to increase the number of traditional currencies offered on its platform to 25.

Pavel Matveev, CEO at Wirex, explained: “ONPEX’s modular and scalable Banking-as-a-Service solutions were easily integrated into our platform. We strive to build a platform that empowers people to use their money their way. This means having both digital and traditional payment rails, for which ONPEX is the right partner for us.

“The fact that ONPEX is scalable helps us get our new cross-border payments up-and-running quickly and efficiently. With the support of ONPEX, we can continue to grow our business in Europe and around the globe.”