As sports betting continues to expand across the US, each state that passes legislation presents its own regulations for operators and firms to tackle in order to achieve compliance.

Marc Wood, head of gaming, Pay360, discussed at Betting on Sports America the opportunities and difficulties that come with legalisation, the importance of working alongside regulators and how states could use existing European markets to develop its own regulations.

He explained: “I think the main difficulties really are on the legislation side where as within Europe, which is our home market, we know exactly what we have to do to be compliant, what licences we need, where and how to do that.

“Probably for the next couple years we will be trying to understand exactly what we have to do to comply with the various different state-based legislations.

“We have the technology, information and the data to be able to help gaming operators be compliant, prevent problem gambling and deal with anti-money laundering.

“Engagement with regulators is really our strategy to save time and the acceleration of borrowing somebody else’s learning will be really valuable for the US regulators.”