Lottomart identify HooYu for onboarding of players

Identity confirmation technology provider HooYu has announced it has partnered with online lottery betting operator Lottomart to provide them with comprehensive identity checks in real time.

HooYu will verify age, address and date of birth for compliance with age verification and AML regulations.

Lottomart operates by inviting customers to bet on the outcome of lotteries such as the US Powerball and alternative European lotteries.

The Gibraltar based firm strive to bring new ideas to lottery betting and the broader category of jackpot gaming entertainment.

An example of their forward thinking concept is their ‘Boost’ innovation on the lotto bet slip, which allows players to secure increased chances to win a lottery jackpot for a reduction in prizes.

Ashley Lang, CEO at Lottomart said: “HooYu enables us to comply with age verification and money laundering regulations at the same time as offering an easy customer experience.

“The adoption of HooYu within our customer on-boarding process has helped us to maximise customer on-boarding rates whilst complying with the regulations.”

In the announcement, Lottmart state that HooYu was chosen as a UK launch partner above other providers due to their “unique, identity scoring platform.”

The platform combines ID document validation, proof of address checks, digital footprint analysis, PEP’s & Sanctions checks and traditional database checks.

Marketing Director at HooYu, David Pope, commented: “HooYu Identify enables Lottomart to build a trusted relationship with legitimate customers at every point of the customer’s journey.

As the Lottomart business rapidly grows, HooYu helps them to on-board customers faster and be confident they are meeting their compliance requirements.”

In January, HooYu partnered with mobile operator Small Screen Casinos to ensure responsible gambling.