Hooyu takes to the Small Screen

Hooyu has partnered with mobile operator Small Screen Casinos, in a deal that will allow the gaming firm to conduct enhanced due diligence on their customers to ensure responsible gambling. 

The Small Screen Casinos’ compliance team is now using HooYu Investigate, a unique investigation platform that uses data visualisation to reveal a customer’s world, showing connections to addresses, property ownership, negative financial indicators, company shareholdings, company directorships and company performance data.

Understanding affordability, investigating source of funds, identifying problem gambling are all measures that operators are currently struggling with against a backdrop of multi-million-pound fines. HooYu Investigate allows them to discover vital information about their customers in a matter of clicks. 

Taj Ratta, Co-Founder of Small Screen Casinos, said: “At Small Screen Casinos we fully understand the necessity to engage in responsible gambling activities and HooYu has enabled us to better understand who our customers are, and their circumstances. HooYu Investigate gives us the ability to protect our customers and lead the way with our responsible gambling commitment.” 

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu, commented: “Small Screen Casinos is the latest operator to use HooYu to help them better meet regulatory requirements in terms of age verification, customer due diligence, affordability and responsible gaming.”

Clients that use HooYu Investigate to build intelligence on their customers, can instantly generate a HooYu background report. HooYu has created a mock-up of a gaming customer report that helps operators to better know and understand their customers to improve their commitment to responsible gambling. The sample report can be downloaded at  https://hooyubusiness.com/vip-report/