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Neeraj Kapur has been appointed CEO of Crown Agents Bank (CAB). a UK-based fintech group focusing on cross-border payments.

The new CEO will take the leadership role at both CAB and its holding company, CAB Payments. He will be tasked with spearheading the group’s objective of facilitating cross-border payments to what it calls ‘hard-to-reach’ markets.

Kapur replaces Bhairav Trivedi in the CEO role, although CAB states that the duo have been working closely to ensure a smooth leadership transition. Kapur will work to leverage his 20-years experience in financial services, including tenures as a CFO, to his new role.

Kapur remarked: “I am delighted to be confirmed as Group CEO of CAB Payments Holdings and Crown Agents Bank. I would like to thank Bhairav for his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition over the last few weeks. 

“I took this role because I strongly believe in the purpose of the Group and its long-term future especially in delivering international aid throughout hard-to-reach markets. Its structural importance in global payments is built on facilitating circa £14bn of wholesale flows into emerging markets. 

“The success of the business to date has been impressive and I am now looking forward to working with my executive team to ensure CAB Payments takes advantage of the unique growth opportunity ahead of it, executing our strategy and delivering our purpose to parts of the world where it is much needed.”CA

Although Bharav will no longer be CEO of CAB, he will continue to work as a Senior Adviser to the firm’s board. His tasks will include building relationships with central banks, regulators and the firm’s existing and prospective strategic clients.

Prior to joining CAB, Kapur held roles such as Director of Provident Financial plc and Varquis Banking Group plc from May 2020-August 2023, and was also Director of Secure Trust Bank plc between April 2011-March 2020.