Sustainable finance at the heart of Fils Aion partnership

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Fils and Aion have announced a partnership seeking to set new standards when it comes to sustainable finance by leveraging cutting-edge technology. 

Both firms will aim to make “meaningful change” in the financial industry of the MENA region through the combined capabilities of Aion’s technical proficiency and Fils’ API-first platform. 

Financial institutions will be able to seamlessly integrate multiple products and customised solutions that are focused on sustainability and climate action, helping to ensure substantial business value and user engagement.

Fils and Aion will work to deliver a range of initiatives for banking clients, including ESG scoring systems, sustainable investment platforms, and green financial products, designed to support sustainable economic growth and social welfare. 

Nameer Khan, CEO of Fils, said: “This partnership with Aion represents a pivotal step forward in our mission to help banks embed ESG values at the core of financial services. 

“Together, we are poised to introduce innovative solutions that will empower consumers and businesses alike to make more informed, responsible financial decisions that are not only good for customers but for the planet as well.”

This partnership represents one of the strides Fils has made in the ESG fintech sector since launching five months ago. Following a focus on first ensuring market connectivity is established, Fils has demonstrated growth and an impact on the climate infrastructure market. 

Fils has successfully inked deals with leading financial institutions across almost every country in the MENA region, facilitating the delivery of ESG-focused solutions to millions of customers.

Ashar Nazim, Aion Group CEO, added: “Today we launch our ground-breaking Green APIs from Aion platform. People and businesses in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the larger MENA region can now conveniently spend, save and transact in a manner that is beautifully aligned to their ESG values. Joining forces with Fils will accelerate this momentum.”