AmplifyME opens doors for graduates with innovative simulation

The back of the graduates are walking to attend the graduation ceremony at the university.
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AmplifyME, a provider of simulation-based experiences in finance, has announced the launch of its innovative Investment Banking Pathway.

The AmplifyME Investment Banking Pathway will see students from over 400 campuses worldwide participating in a real-world, two-hour M&A simulation. The students will engage in tasks mirroring the responsibilities of a Junior Analyst, including financial modelling and valuation analysis.

Will de Lucy, Co-Founder and CEO at AmplifyME, commented: “We are excited to launch our new Investment Banking pathway, which will offer a unique opportunity for students to gain practical insights into the finance industry.”

Founded in 2009, AmplifyME is a simulation-based training platform for roles in the financial industry.

The platform has shared that outstanding participants in the AmplifyME Investment Banking Pathway will receive invitations to the flagship Investment Bank Academy, featuring a four-hour team-based IPO experience. 

In addition, exceptional performers at the academy will be recommended to specific investment banking partners for potential recruitment opportunities.

This free-of-charge and open access pathway follows the success of AmplifyME’s Sales & Trading Pathway, which was developed in collaboration with Morgan Stanley. Notably, 40% of Morgan Stanley’s EMEA Sales & Trading interns in 2023 hailed from AmplifyME-trained candidates.

So far, more than 120,000 candidates have engaged in AmplifyME’s open-access simulations, providing them with hands-on experience in the financial industry and revealing compelling career paths within the sector.

de Lucy added: “Our pathways benefit both graduates, who can explore the exciting career opportunities in financial services, and our partners, who can identify the best talent for their graduate programmes.

“Our pathway simulation experiences are open to anyone, providing participants with an opportunity to dip their toes into the world of financial services and discover the real career opportunities it can provide.”

In the world of investment banking, SC Ventures, the innovation and fintech investment division of Standard Chartered, partnered with NEXT176 to launch an inclusive financial wellness platform earlier this month.

The two firms aim to deliver straightforward, cost-effective, AI-driven, and Shariah-compliant wealth management solutions to users across the Middle East, Africa and beyond.