GoDaddy enlists Ethereum Name Service for DNS selection

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

GoDaddy has added Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to its selection of Domain Name System (DNS) services. 

The ENS addition will enable customers to use the blockchain-based DNS to connect to other DNS seamlessly as part of GoDaddy’s continuation in finding “innovative ways to enhance its services”. 

Customers using an ENS will access a streamlined experience by easily associating the Ethereum address with their current domain names, integrating with hundreds of applications across the Web3 ecosystem. 

The process requires no additional costs and GoDaddy ensures no technical expertise is needed, maintaining a user-friendly and simple experience.

Once configured, the domain name can be used in place of an Ethereum address in a range of Web3 applications including wallets, block explorers, NFT marketplaces and more. 

Nick Johnson, Founder of ENS, told CoinDesk: “Right now you can use this integration to set your Ethereum address, but going forward, it ought to be possible to do this for addresses for all chains to set text records, so you can make your .xyz or your .com, your Web3 profile.”

Whilst ENS has been complementary to existing internet infrastructure, able to be imported, it incurred sizable transaction fees. 

On 29 January with ENS DAO’s approval of EP5.1, ENS launched Gasless DNSSEC, a new feature that allows DNS domains to be used in ENS without incurring any transaction fees, with GoDaddy being the first registrar to integrate. 

An ENS statement read: “For ENS to succeed, it must integrate with existing infrastructure. Today’s announcement aims to be a step in that direction.

“This partnership between GoDaddy and ENS marks a significant milestone in the domain name industry and we’re excited to continue pushing forward.”