Brite Payments empowers EV transactions in collab with Northe 

credit: Shutterstock
credit: Shutterstock

Brite Payments has announced a partnership with Northe to streamline the payment process for buying and managing electric vehicles (EV). 

The Stockholm-based instant payments platform will integrate its account-to-account (A2A) payments in the Northe all-in-one charging app to enable leasing companies to reimburse drivers for home EV charging. 

Via the Northe charging app, private and business customers can access thousands of charging stations, connecting multiple operators and removing friction in the payment and reimbursement process.  

The partnership also includes the use of Brite Data Solutions (open banking-enabled AIS – Account Information Services) to verify account holder information for reimbursements.  

Abdulwahid Ahmed, Chief Operations Officer of Northe, stated: “Our mission is to solve the charging issues that many fleet operators and EV customers encounter, which threaten to hold back the transition away from fossil fuels to greener alternatives.

“With Brite, we can give leasing companies the tools they need to simplify the reimbursement process and give users a more seamless charging experience. Payment and reimbursement processes are a critical factor in customer retention and satisfaction in our dynamic and fast-moving industry.” 

With Sweden and Norway established as global leaders in e-mobility, many European countries are approaching a tipping point as falling costs and advancing technology is fuelling the transition to EVs. 

However, significant infrastructure challenges remain, especially for businesses managing charging, payments and reimbursements for commercial EVs. Rental car companies can also make EV rentals more attractive for customers by offering all-in-one charging and payment solutions. 

“Northe is proof that Nordic companies are tackling the challenges of EV transformation head on, with innovative solutions that help facilitate the green transition,” added Sebastian Pruszynski, VP of Business Development at Brite Payments. 

“We’re excited to be supporting Northe’s mission, starting with our Data and Instant Payouts solutions, to make EV charging services simpler and more intuitive. With Northe expanding rapidly and offering services across a growing number of European countries, Brite is also well positioned to support their future growth aspirations.”