OKTO strengthens US igaming standing with AGA membership

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OKTO has formally joined the American Gaming Association (AGA), a move which the firm states will demonstrate its commitment to responsible betting standards.

The payments provider plans to distribute its cashless payments services to regional betting firms in the US, a country which has witnessed a massive boom in its gaming market over the past six years.

By joining the AGA, OKTO aims to improve the way it engages with local authorities ‘for a secure and responsible gambling ecosystem’. The company added that its membership proves its commitment to responsible gaming practices and digital advancement of the US igaming industry.

“Joining the AGA allows us to contribute to the advancement of the American gaming landscape,” said Theo Engelis, OKTO’s Vice President North America.

“OKTO is committed to upholding stringent regulatory standards and collaborating closely with local authorities to deliver innovative, secure, and efficient cashless payment solutions in the American gaming industry.”

Based in Athens, OKTO is active worldwide and has delivered its cashless payment solutions to a number of prominent igaming markets, having secured a strong foothold across Europe in its founding market of Greece as well as in Romania, Italy and Germany.

Like many other gaming stakeholders, however, the company is keen to capitalise on the opportunities of emerging and growing markets on the other side of the Atlatnic, with Latin America high on its agenda of late. As the company announced this month it strives to be ‘synonymous with trust’ for LatAm igaming payments.

Further north, the US betting sector has expanded to now cover 36 states, and is valued at $329 billion industry and employing 1.8 million people. 

With the AGA representing commercial and tribal casino operators, sports betting and igaming operators and gaming suppliers, OKTO’s membership of the association is a positive move for the firm’s stateside ambitions.