Worldline enhances Metaverse shopping hub for merchants

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Payments service Worldline has upgraded its ‘Worldline Metaverse Shopping Hub’ on the Spatial platform providing several new benefits for merchants. 

The white-label solution will be extended so that online businesses can access greater graphical quality across their chosen desktop, mobile and VR devices. 

Launched on Decentraland earlier this year as a gateway for merchants to experience the Metaverse, Worldline adds Spatial as an additional platform to provide greater access to the digital world to offer their customers a “new era of commerce”. 

Labelled as season two within Spatial, Worldline will provide new customer engagement methods supportive of the digital environment’s pre-existing intuitive behaviours, as merchants can incentivise users to participate in virtual scavenger hunts, allowing them to collect digital eggs in exchange for community card NFT rewards.

Sascha Muenger, Head Competence Center Crypto Related Products & Metaverse at Worldline, said: “We are delighted to present the second season of our Metaverse Shopping Mall in Spatial. 

“This important milestone gives us the opportunity to create a new shopping experience together with some of our most innovative customers and take another step towards commerce solutions in the Metaverse.”

By engaging customers in different ways, Worldline aims to enable merchants to build stronger relationships with their customers within the new Metaverse environment

Merchants can build their first Metaverse presence with the Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall and access add-on packages in the areas of Metaverse Advertising, Phygital Experiences and Augmented Reality solutions.

Viljem Brielmayer, Head of Product Management at PAYONE, added: “It is in PAYONE’s DNA to bring innovations to the German and Austrian payment market and support our merchant base with Omnichannel commerce solutions. 

“With the Worldline Metaverse offering, we are very pleased to bring another substantial innovation to our core markets and give merchants easy access to the Metaverse.”